A comprehensive guide to the art of pole dancing by Jamilla Deville

Jamilla Deville is widely regarded as one of the world’s most skilled pole dancers. Having trained in various forms of dance, adagio, trapeze, corde lisse and silks, her understanding of the principles of pole dancing is unparalleled.

Having claimed the original title of Miss Pole Dance Australia, Jamilla went on to be voted by the global pole community as IPDFA International Instructor of the Year for the last two years running.  Renowned for her strength, athleticism and grace as a performer, Jamilla’s understanding and mastery of such crucial elements of pole dancing as safety, body alignment, aerial fitness, and balance set her apart as a leader in her field, making her offerings as an instructor invaluable to dancers the world over.

Since opening her own studio in Sydney, Australia, Jamilla has toured her classes across the USA, Europe, Singapore, Thailand, and New Zealand, training both students and instructors.

Creating The Art of Pole DVD Series has enabled Jamilla to travel and connect with dancers the world over.  The series, sometimes described as “the pole dancing bible”, broke new ground on its release in 2007.  It continues to inspire dancers globally.